Learn Arabic in Syria

NOTE: Due to the civil war in Syria the information on this page is not current!

Learn Arabic in SyriaYour Ministry of Foreign Affairs can provide you with the latest travel advice. U.S. citizens can check the Department of State website, and U.K. citizens can go to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website for information.

You can find Arabic study opportunities in other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
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Arabic language courses, language schools and universities with Arabic language programs in Syria.

Damascus University

Department of Arabic Language and Literature
Arabic Language Teaching Department – Higher Language Institute: Regular courses in Modern Standard Arabic, Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced levels
Tailored Programs for diplomats, legal professionals, engineers, etc.
Programs for American students: Center for Arabic Study Abroad CASA
Arabic Overseas Flagship Programs
Location(s): Damascus
Website(s): www.damascusuniversity.edu.sy

Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro Foundation

The Institute for Teaching Arabic Language to Non-Arabic Speakers (ITALS) > Department of Intensive Arabic Language Courses (IALC)
Location(s): Damascus
Website(s): abunour.net / www.kuftaro.org

Aleppo University

Department of Arabic Language and Literature
Higher Institute of Languages – Arabic Language Department: General Arabic Courses. Each course is 6 weeks, 12 hrs/week. Levels: elementary, intermediate, advanced. Special and Intensive Arabic courses: Arabic for Special Purposes, Skills, Communication, Syntactic and Morphological skills.
Location(s): Aleppo
Website(s): www.alepuniv.edu.sy

Al-Fatih Islamic Institute

Arabic for Foreigners
Location(s): Damascus
Website: www.alfatihonline.com

Tishreen University

Department of Arabic Language and Literature
Higher Institute for Languages – Arabic Language Department: 8 week courses. 20hrs/week. Beginner and Intermediate levels.
Website(s): www.tishreen.edu.sy

Al-Baath University

Department of Arabic Language
Higher Institute of Languages
Website(s): www.albaath-univ.edu.sy